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19.12.2017 / G 11:00


Business Brunch «Let’s meet with Abax!»

On 19th December, PNCC members and partners met for the last time in 2017. One of the Chamber members – ABAX Polska, a branch of the Norwegian telematics company ABAX AS, invited the Tri-City entrepreneurs for a Business Brunch.

Jonny Hansen, Sales director joined their Gdynia team to tell the participants about the ABAX AS business activity and the main products that have already gained considerable popularity in the European market. Their device and the system designed for tracking company or private vehicles used for business purposes turns out to be a very convenient and beneficial solution that greatly simplifies the calculation process. ABAX representatives  could talk about the features and benefits of the offer endlessly, while the participants were interested in the topic, and the discussions lasted for a long time after the presentation part ended. The brunch refreshments were prepared by the Hotel Sopot’s Chef, who also took care of the appropriate Polish-Norwegian decorations.

In this pre-Christmas mood, we could say goodbye to another – the second, full year of the Polish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce activities. We would like to thank ABAX Polska for the co-organization of Brunch, and all participants and members for coming and involvement in the activities of our organization.



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