My business in Norway, part 2: ‘Legal aspects of doing business’

We have a pleasure to invite all members of PNCC to the second part of the seminar series ‘My Business in Norway’ which will take place on 21st November 2017 at 10.00 at Almond Hotel in Gdańsk (Toruńska 12). This time we will focus on legal aspects of doing business, and issues related to entering the local market and starting a company in Norway.

In 2016 the value of goods exported to Norway was $ 2.6 billion. There are many buses and trains made in Poland on the Norwegian roads and trackways. Many steel constructions, vessels or their parts are produced in our country and then exported to Norway. Certainly it is easy to guess why export to Norway is increasing, and the interest of Polish entrepreneurs in doing business in the Land of Fjords is constantly growing. Unit margins higher than on the other European markets, willingness to establish a stable cooperation, and the vision of existing on another foreign market are just several aspects that attract Polish companies.

Questions, like: how to enter Norwegian market, how to get a Norwegian partner, how to start a business in Norway and what rules apply there, will be answered and explained during the seminar by our speakers:

DSC_1234  Marcin Bortkun

An entrepreneur from Gdansk, whose companies have been operating in Poland and Norway for 15 years; Co-founder and President of the Board of Polish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce – an independent and non-profit organization of entrepreneurs from Poland and Norway, focusing on expanding cooperation and trade between Polish and Norwegian companies, as well as on promoting cultures of both countries.

 Magdalena_Polakowska1 Magdalena Polakowska

Team Manager / Proxy in Polish Connection. In addition to managing a team of several employees, she takes care of their current and potential business clients. Having an extensive knowledge of Norwegian and Polish regulations and being well aware of the business practices and cultural differences of these countries, she is a competent B2B market consultant.

Barbara_Liwo  Barbara Cecylia Liwo

Consultant and translator at Polish Connection. She has been advising companies how to successfully start and successfully operate on the Norwegian market for many years. The perfect knowledge of Norwegian enables her to move around in the jumble of Norwegian law and tax regulations.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, please contact us on office@p-ncc.org and fill out the form here: goo.gl/8jAXuF .


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