My Business in Norway, part 1: ‘Cultural Aspects of Doing Business’

We have a pleasure to invite the members of the Polish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce for the first part of the seminar series called «My business in Norway», that will be dedicated to the cultural aspects of doing business. The seminar will be held on 20.10.2017 at 10.00 at Almond Hotel, 12 Toruńska Street in Gdańsk.

The differences in cultures and customs between Poles and Norwegians are obvious to anyone who has ever had contact with the inhabitants of the Land of Fjords – regardless of whether the contact was in a private or professional life. We are different, our traditions differ, we see the world differently, and – not surprisingly – our business cultures are different, too. The seminar is organised by the PNCC in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Pomerania, and the participants will be provided with the information useful when entering the Norwegian market.

What is the Norwegian market like? How to start a partnership with a Norwegian partner? What should we know and what to avoid in business relationships with the Norwegians? These and other questions will be answered during the seminar by our speakers:


DSC_1234   Marcin Bortkun

An entrepreneur from Gdansk, whose companies have been operating in Poland and Norway for 15 years; Co-founder and President of the Board of Polish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce – an independent and non-profit organization of entrepreneurs from Poland and Norway, focusing on expanding cooperation and trade between Polish and Norwegian companies, as well as on promoting cultures of both countries.

Magda Szczepańska 600x400   Magdalena Szczepańska

She has lived in Oslo for 5 years, studied, worked and learned the realities of living in Norwegian society. After returning to Poland, she founded a Norwegian language school, Trolltunga, where she and her colleagues have been helping Poles to communicate effectively with Norwegians, both on a language and cultural level.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, please contact us on office@p-ncc.org and fill out the form here: bit.ly/2g9XzNs.


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